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Praise for
Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms

"Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms is simply brilliant. By understanding the lifelong impact of excess stress on her baby, and knowing exactly how to alleviate it, this book gives pregnant women everywhere the ability to provide the best possible start for their children.”
— Christiane Northrup, MD, OB/GYN physician, and author of the New York Times bestsellers Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause
"Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms is a calmly reassuring standout among new books about pregnancy. It is distinguished by a practical formula for calculating stress reduction needs and a sensible guide to proven stress-busting techniques. The Relaxation Credit Value system helps readers quantify the benefits of breathing exercises, music, meditation, yoga, massage, napping, and more. I suspect many women will be using this book long after the baby arrives." — Linda Wasmer Andrews is a Health and psychology blogger, journalist, and author. She holds a master's degree in psychology and blogs for Psychology Today and Yahoo! Health. She wrote an article in her Yahoo! Health blog on Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms. Read more at
“Be at ease, Susan Andrews shows us why knowing about stress is an essential key in creating harmony and health during a mother's journey. She provides tips and exercises with the breath, listening, and movement that will improve your day. Whether you are a professional, a family member, a mother-to-be or just a friend, take this book and listen deeply to the wisdom that easily helps us tune-in and tune up.”
— Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect and Healing at the Speed of Sound
“Dr. Susan Andrews has created an indispensable handbook for every mother-to-be. Drawing on the latest research about high stress during pregnancy and how it can impact a child’s development, she offers timely, practical, and empowering solutions. Her easy-to-use guide shows step by step how to effectively manage stress and anxiety during pregnancy. This excellent book will help you and your baby achieve your maximum potential. I highly recommend it.” — Daniel G. Amen, MD, author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Healing ADD
“In her neuropsychology practice, Dr. Susan Andrews goes the extra mile in providing both assessment of difficulties and solutions to these problems for her patients. With this book, she describes a global problem—the impact of stress on pregnant women and  their unborn children. Then she creates a baseline stress level assessment tool and strategies for stress reduction that have universal value, whether you are a pregnant mom or not. Her well-researched book gives pregnant moms and others who will listen a head start in reducing stress personally, professionally, and in relationships.”
— Billie M. Thompson, PhD, CEO, EnListen Corporation
“An extremely valuable contribution to one of the most critical issues of our time. Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms offers a wonderful new approach to caring for and honoring yourself and your child during the delicate and formative months of pregnancy. For as you’ll find out in this wise and practical book, what you do while you are pregnant can affect your child for years to come.”
— Patricia Spadaro, author of Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving
“Even though I have practiced medicine for over 35 years, I learned something new and valuable as I read Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms. Now I have included a discussion of stress management into my prenatal discussion with the patient and her husband. Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms is a well written and important book for pregnant women.”
—John Hevron, MD, OB/GYN
“A treasure trove of information, guidelines, and solutions for coping with and counteracting the effects of stress in our lives. This book is beneficial not only for pregnant women but for anyone. Dr. Andrews has come up with a formula that empowers us to control the effects of stress in our lives and that puts every individual on the path of wellness.”
— Patricia H. Arnazzi, MD, Tormed Women’s Medical Group